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Global Employee Privacy Policy
1.0 Objectives :


CG, at all its locations worldwide is committed to protecting its employees' personal data and related privacy; and, complying with applicable data protection laws in all the countries in which it operates, whilst processing personal data of its current, prospective and former employees (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "employees"). This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy") explains how CG will deal with all aspects related to processing of an employee's personal data in its business and commercial activities.



2.0 Applicability :


This Policy applies only to employees' personal data, and, to the management of such personal data in any form - whether oral or written, physical or electronic. Throughout this Policy, reference to "personal data" means and includes only data that personally identifies an individual employee or that may be used to personally identify an individual employee (as a natural person).



With respect to an individual employee, personal data illustratively includes :


  1. name, gender, date of birth, photograph;
  2. nationality;
  3. salary information, terms of employment, job/educational qualifications;
  4. social security or other taxpayer identification number, banking details;
  5. pensions, insurance and other benefits information (including name, gender, age and nationality of any spouse and other eligible beneficiaries);
  6. emergency contact, address, phone number, e-mail address, user ID and password.


Due processes specified under the Privacy Act applicable to employees will be followed whilst seeking the above data.



  In addition to the above, if required for business needs, CG may seek additional personal data, after following due process specified under the Privacy Act applicable to the employees.


3.0 Processing Purposes :


Personal data of an employee may be processed by CG on a worldwide basis for the following purposes :

  1. Personnel management and administration;
  2. Payroll management and other reimbursable expenses;
  3. Corporate travel;
  4. Development and training;
  5. Insurance programmes;
  6. Performance Management Systems;
  7. Implementation and monitoring of CG policies as well as grievance and disciplinary processes;
  8. Accounting;
  9. Planning of work;
  10. Access control to CG's premises;
  11. Protection of CG, its affiliates and their personnel, clients and/or property in the context of imminent or pending legal proceedings and investigations;
  12. Areas similar to (a) to (k) above, which may be required by CG, in the course of its usual day-to-day business and commercial activities.


Processing activities will be implemented after fulfilling additional requirements, if any, under the relevant Privacy Act applicable to employees.


In the scope of processing of employee personal data, related to the above activities, such personal data may require to be communicated to third party processors/service providers of CG, which process data on behalf of CG for the abovementioned purposes.


In such case, CG will make its best efforts to cause such third party processors/service providers to abide by reasonable confidentiality obligations for processing such personal data.



4.0 Transfer of Personal to Third Parties :


CG may not carry out the entirety of the data processing activities by itself; and, could also be assisted by third party processors/service providers which also process employees' personal data collected by CG. As a policy, CG discloses employees' personal data only to those who reasonably need to know such data for a legitimate business or commercial purpose related to CG's operations. In such cases, CG will make its best efforts that such third party processors/service providers abide by reasonable confidentiality obligations. 


In addition, CG may transfer personal data to third parties, for the following purposes :

  1. CG Affiliates : for purposes of Human Resources management and other business areas related to CG's operations, across all CG entities worldwide;
  2. Competent Authorities : in the context of imminent or pending legal proceedings;



5.0 Cross Border Transfers :


By your employment with any of CG's entities worldwide, all employees of CG globally, acknowledge and accept, that, as a result of processing activities related to personal data as described above by CG and/or any of its third party processors/service providers, your personal data may be transferred to outside jurisdictions. Upon request, CG will provide you with a list of such countries.



6.0 Rights of Employees :


Upon written request, and, to the extent that such request does not compromise the general protection set forth in this Privacy Policy, CG allows employees access to their personal data, to access, amend or delete such data, free of cost. Employees have the legal right to request for deletion of data which is not processed in accordance with the applicable Privacy Act. Employees should communicate any such request to their local Human Resources Manager. If any employee is unable to access, amend or delete their personal data through their local Human Resources Manager, they may send a request to the HRManager of the Region (e.g. EMEA, Americas, etc.).


Requests should be made by means of the Data Request Form uploaded on the CG global website www.cgglobal.com. All employees are encouraged to use this facility, for any queries related to their personal data. CG will endeavour to respond in a timely manner to all written requests to access, amend or delete personal data requested by an employee.


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