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Global Customer & Supplier Privacy Policy

Objectives :



CG, at all its locations worldwide is committed to protecting its customers and suppliers personal data and related privacy; and, complying with applicable data protection laws in all the countries in which it operates, whilst processing personal data of its, current, prospective and former customers/suppliers (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “customers/suppliers”). This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “this Policy”) explains how CG will deal with all aspects related to processing of customer/supplier personal data, in its business and commercial activities.




Applicability :



This Policy applies only to personal data of CG’s customers/suppliers worldwide; and, to the management of such personal data in any form – whether oral or written, physical or electronic. Throughout this Policy, reference to “personal data” means and includes only data that personally identifies a customer/supplier as an individual or that may be used to personally identify an individual customer/supplier (as a natural person).


Personal data illustratively includes data such as an individual customer’s/supplier’s name, country of birth, designation, gender, marital status, emergency contact, address, phone number, e-mail address, user ID and password.




Consent - Collection and Processing of Personal Data :



As a current, future or former customer/supplier of any of CG’s entities worldwide, for the purposes of its business needs and in the context of your customer/supplier relationship with CG, information concerning customers/suppliers, their employees, representatives and/or contractors, including personal data, may be provided to CG.  By providing your personal data to any of CG’s entities worldwide, as a current, future or former customer/supplier of CG, you accord your consent to the processing of personal data for the processes illustratively described hereinafter, by CG.




Processing Purposes :


Personal data of a customer/supplier may be processed by CG on a worldwide basis for the following illustrative purposes :

  1. Customer and supplier administration;
  2. Sharing of contact information within the CG Group worldwide, for effective customer and supplier management;
  3. Promotional advertising (including direct marketing);
  4. Development and commercialization of CG products;
  5. Market surveys;
  6. Implementation and monitoring of CG policies as well as grievance and disciplinary processes;
  7. Protection of CG, its affiliates and their personnel, clients and/or property in the context of imminent or pending legal proceedings and investigations;
  8. Areas similar to (a) to (g) above which may be required by CG, in the course of its usual day-to-day business and commercial activities.


In the scope of processing of customer/supplier personal data, related to the above activities, such personal data may require to be communicated to third party processors/service providers of CG, which process data on behalf of CG for the abovementioned purposes. In such case, CG will make its best efforts to cause such third party processors/service providers to abide by reasonable confidentiality obligations for processing such personal data.




Transfer of Personal to Third Parties :



CG may not carry out the entirety of the data processing activities and could also be assisted by third party processors/service providers which also process customer/supplier personal data collected by CG.  As a policy, CG discloses customer/supplier personal data only to those who reasonably need to know such data for a legitimate business or commercial purpose related to CG’s operations.  In such cases, CG will make its best efforts that such third party processors/service providers abide by reasonable confidentiality obligations. 


In addition, CG may transfer personal data related to customers/suppliers to third parties, for the following purposes :

  1. CG Affiliates : for purposes of promotional advertising (including direct marketing), development and commercialisation of products of these affiliates, market surveys, customer/supplier integration and management, etc. 
  2. Competent Authorities : in the context of imminent or pending legal proceedings.



6.0 Cross Border Transfers :



As a customer/supplier with CG at any of its entities worldwide, you acknowledge and accept, that, as a result of processing activities related to personal data as described above by CG and/or its third party processors/service providers, your personal data may be transferred to outside jurisdictions, which may not offer adequate levels of protection for personal data.  Upon request, CG will provide you with a list of such countries.




Rights of Customers/Suppliers :



Upon reasonable request, and, to the extent that such request does not compromise the general protection set forth in this Privacy Policy, CG allows customers/suppliers reasonable access to their personal data, to access, amend or delete such data.


To facilitate customers/suppliers with the above changes that they may require, a Data Request Form has also been uploaded on the CG global website www.cgglobal.com  and, customers/suppliers are requested to use this facility, for any queries related to their personal data. CG will endeavour to respond in a timely manner to all reasonable written requests to access, amend or delete personal data requested by a customer/supplier.



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